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Web Résumé

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John M Telford

Web Technology Key Accomplishments

Web Internet Service Providernternet Service Provider

An Early Internet Service Provider:

  • Created and ran off-site and on-site Internet servers delivering email and web functionality.
  • Deployed evolving commercial Web site services including shopping cart, checkout, and web site analytics. isp

Wrote programs that measured detailed Web sit response times for a large manufacturing commerce site. nik

Web Sites

Some contemporary web sites

    A predecessor to this web site
  • retired A web site about the results of a technology deep dive to understand Asciidoctor technology enough to create an architecture for developing web sites
  • photonjohn
    Displays selected photographs shot over the years and processed using Adobe Lightroom. The selected photos are uploaded to Adobe servers where they are organized into galleries ready for display on the web. The web site is a front end to the galleries.
  • retired
    Adeep dive into Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology to gain an understanding and figure out a PWA development architecture for creating the web site. It is not about the nuts and bolts of how to create a PWA, but about the PWA development architecture and technologies used to create sites.
  • techtalkjohn
    An opinionated tech talk blog

Core Technology Tools

Tools used to build, maintain, and deploy contemporary web sites.

  • Framework

    • Docusaurus
    • Gatsby
    • Next
    • Nextra
    • Sphinx
    • REACT
  • Programming

    • Troika - standard website programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • JSX
    • Markdown
    • MDX
  • Distributed Version Control System

    • Git
    • GitHub
  • Application Delivery Network

    • Netlify
    • Vercel
  • Editor

    • Visual Studio Code