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John M Telford

Workstations are the key hardware for website developers

Web site development is not easy, time consuming, and expensive. Optimizing the web development environment is critical.

The key hardware for web developers are workstations. They need to be fast, reliable, supportable, secure, support large screens, and work with web software development applications

The contemporary choice for web development workstations are Apple, Linux, and Microsoft. I have experience building web sites with purchased and bare metal built Linux systems and bare metal builr Microsoft systems. I use apple products for exploring Internet technologies and creating web sites.

Traditionally these companies built workstation products with Intel processors. They are diversifying their product line with ARM-based processors

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John M Telford

Chronological Résumé LLC

1991 – Present

Owner of a sole proprietorship information technology consulting company

  • Web technology consulting company working with client web development projects
  • Infrastructure Architecture, Proactive Monitoring, Technology, Development, Project Rescue

Arbitron Inc. Toronto, CA


Database Evaluation Consultant

  • Database evaluation consultant responsible for helping the company select a database system for large-scale deployment

Rogue Wave Software


Software Analyst Consultant

  • Software analyst responsible for analyzing object-oriented software products



System Architect Consultant

  • System architect responsible for the analysis of remote utility meter reading products Internet Service Provider

1996 – 1999


  • Early Internet service provider delivering business services to small and medium size companies
  • Designed, deployed, and operated the Internet site infrastructure providing email and Web services.  Created Linux Domain Name System (DNS) severs, DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ) routers, and firewalls. 
  • Created Perl programs for measuring client Web services network traffic

National Association

1998 – 2001

Infrastructure Architect Consultant

  • Performed an infrastructure analysis. 
  • Managed a production system makeover utilizing contemporary database, hardware, networking, security, software, virtual server, web, and workstation technologies

Multnomah County, OR


System Architect Consultant

  • Responsible for helping agency evaluate and develop a sustainable architecture


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John M Telford


Collaboration – A seasoned, knowledgeable, industry professional, Electronics and Software Engineer specializing in web hardware and software technology disciplines

  • Practitioner with extensive experience across most IT functional groups
  • Ability to effectively collaborate to accomplish multidiscipline goals:
    • Senior management teams
    • External and internal clients
    • Functional groups
    • Individual contributors
    • Vendors

Web Technology Key Accomplishments


An Early Internet Service Provider:

  • Created and ran off-site and on-site Internet servers delivering email and web functionality.
  • Deployed evolving commercial Web site services including shopping cart, checkout, and web site analytics. isp

Wrote programs that measured detailed Web sit response times for a large manufacturing commerce site. nik