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· 3 min read
John M Telford

John Telford

The latest incarnation of the John Telford website is built using the mdBook site generator

Tech Talk John

The latest incarnation of the TechTalkJohn Blog is what you are viewing. It is built using the blog components of the Docusaurus site generator.

The Docusaurus site generator has the out-of-the-box features I was looking for, so I reincarnated TechTalkJohn blog websites using it

I chose this site generator because:

  • Docusaurus abstracts React
  • Posts are written use MDX
    • Embedded JSX and HTML
    • MDX is compiled to the troika of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript standard website programming languages
    • The blog sidebar on the left side of the screen displays a list of blog posts
  • The right menu is the selected blog post headers levels
  • Click menu bar Blog Tags for a list of blog post with tags. Click a tag for all blog posts with that tag
  • Multiple tags can be assigned to blog posts
  • Light or dark theme toggle