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John M Telford

The basic idea of Iterative Development is to develop a system through repeated cycles (iterative) and in smaller portions at a time (incremental), allowing iterative development teams to take advantage of what was learned during development of earlier parts or versions of the system.



Iterative Development Teams

ItIterative website development teams working together can help optimizing website costs and lower some the difficulties creating websites

Iterative website development enables the Define, Design, Develop, Deploy and Maintain teams to be operational at the same time creating, testing and remediating website defects

Central Repository

The core of Iterative Development is a file central repository controlled by a gatekeeper.

GitHub is a Distributed Version Control Systems enabling multiple teams to work separately without having an impact on the work of others. GitHub is a central online web hosted project repository for all project files. It is a unified source of truth. It helps teams collaborate and maintain the entire history of project file changes. Teams can view history of all changes and go back to previous file versions.

It helps answer the questions who changed what, where, when, and why?

All team members have their own local copy of the central project repository. They make changes, fix defects, add new features to their repository, without interfering with others team members, or the central repository.

Team members cannot directly make changes to the central repository. They may deploy their copy of the repository with their changes, to a private Internet website for stakeholders to see and give feedback.

When stakeholders determine some changes, defect fixes, or new features are ready, they will be committed to central project repository, and team members update their local copy by pulling central repository changes into their local repository. This process keeps team members up to date.