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· 2 min read
John M Telford

5G Hype

Big time 5G hype by major carriers, started its Hype Curve climb a few years ago at the Hype Curve Technology Trigger.

A 2019 survey reported 5G hype is working as 1/3 of smartphone owners thought they had a 5G devices and service, but they didn't. Since then, major carriers have ramped up their hype machines and they are working. More 5G phones being are being sold now, but more smartphone owners think they have reliable 5G service, but they don't.

A few of those with 5G smartphones are experiencing 5G service. Illinois has the top 5G availability of 27.6% of the time, representing the proportion of time those users with 5G devices and subscription had an active 5G connection. Higher urban population areas like Illinois is where the money is for major carriers.

Some of the reasons for such service are the flavors of 5G.

  • Low-Band

  • Mid-Band

  • High-Band

The higher the band, the faster transmission speeds are, at the expense of distance and penetrating building materials.

The High-Band has much higher speed, yet degrades traveling a few hundred feet of open space, and worsens if trees are on its path. Other questions are how will smartphones receive 5G indoors and will there be 5G WiFi?