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My nature is viewing the world asking myself what is wrong with this picture. Sort of like the Eeyore character in the Winnie-the-Pooh books. I also ask myself I’m I perceiving fact or fiction?

Checking out what’s new or not, what’s real or not, or what’s new and improved, in the computer and electronic industries, is something like panning for gold.

Buried within the mountains of info rubble produced daily by these industries, lots of Fiction is found and every so often one finds uplifting Facts making the effort worthwhile, or Eeyorish depressing ones.

This opinionated blog is about uplifting or depressing, and facts or fiction, technologies I find in my frequent panning of the rubble.

Tech Talk Blog

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Facts or Fiction

The blog posts are my opinions about some technologies found in the info rubel. Are they ThumbsUp Fact or Fiction ThumbsDown? See Hype Cycle.

I am a computer systems architect and electronics engineer with decades of passion pursuing what’s new and improved within the computer and electronic industries.

These industries are probably the fastest changing endeavors mankind has ever created. The half life of many computer and electronic products making it to market is relatively short. There are some very short lived ones and some that were just vapor.



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Web Sites

Web sites I’m building, maintaining, and deploying LLC is an Internet consulting company specializing in working with companies on hardware, software, and methodologies for developing, deploying, and maintaining web site designs.

A web site about the results of a technology deep dive to understand Asciidoctor technology enough to create an architecture for developing web sites

Displays selected photographs shot over the years and processed using Adobe Lightroom. The selected photos are uploaded to Adobe servers where they are organized into galleries ready for display on the web. The web site is a front end to the galleries.

Is about a deep dive into Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology to gain an understanding and figure out a PWA development architecture for creating the web site. It is not about the nuts and bolts of how to create a PWA, but about the PWA development architecture and technologies used to create sites.

An opinionated tech talk blog

The core technology tools used to build, maintain, and deploy these web sites are, Git, GitHub, Netlify, and Visual Studio Code.